These reviews have been taken from our Facebook page:

“Maybe the best hour of my life?! What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning – the staff is so great and the puppies are a blast. I came with a friend and we both left commenting on how relaxed and happy we felt after the class. I’ll definitely be back and bringing more friends, and would highly recommend this to anyone thinking about giving it a try!” –Cassidy Rose Coleman-Mazza

“I’ve taken this class twice now and it’s the BEST. The instructor is wonderful and very open to allowing each individual to decide which balance of puppy/yoga works best. Really if you want, they’ll just let you sit on the floor with the pups for the entire hour and ignore the yoga (or other way around). It’s an hour of immense joy as the puppies run around freely and visit each person as they please. I’m a huge dog person and this is the best thing I could ever have imagined.” –Christina Ingram

“I had so much fun! MaryBeth taught a great yoga class and made us all feel at home! The puppies were ridiculously cute and so sweet! After the yoga class we had a good amount of time to hang out with the puppies and take pictures. Was such a casual and relaxed environment and I definitely hope to do another class!” –Lexie Began

“This class was amazing! It was filled with lots of love and excitement. Being new to yoga, it was a great way experience it, without feeling tons of pressure. Class was small and intimate and allowed for help from the instructor when needed, and lots of puppy kisses and laughter the rest of the time! I’ll definitely be coming back!” –Ashlee Kim

“PuppYoga is such a unique experience! The teacher does a wonderful job making yoga accessible for different fitness levels, but let’s get real. The puppies are the stars. They bring a level of joy I have never experienced in a yoga class before. I felt connected with the other class members, giggling and laughing at puppy antics. The studio is very clean (I learned that puppies can be litter box trained-because these little guys were), with a space to store our belongings. I highly recommend this class if you need a little moment of peace and joy in your life.” –Claire Dresen Parker

“So fun. So happy. Puppies. Yoga. Laughter. Relaxation. They MADE my Mom’s bday. Such a wonderful time and great experience. I’ll be going back!” –Heather Watkins

“Was the best time! Everyone should do this!! I will definitely be back!” –Cindy Rae

“So much fun! I highly recommend it. Good quality yoga with adorable puppies!” –Juliette Cutts

“Had such a blast being surrounded and loved on by all the puppies!” –Melissa Ward

“It was such a fun experience and the puppies were adorable!!!” –Lauren Kenski Distel