Featured by The Oregonian on OregonLive.com – Feb 14, 2018

It begins like a normal yoga class. Students settle on to their mats and the teacher asks everyone to find a comfortable seat. But then, in a rush of joyful barking, a pack of French bulldog puppies enters the room.

If you’re looking for a new way to exercise, while also combating the existential dread that has become a byproduct of being alive in 2018, you might want to try Forest Grove’s puppy yoga classes, where students stretch, build strength and laugh as puppies gnaw on their socks.

Kristin Tarnowski, the creator of PuppYoga, is a professional dog trainer and breeder in Forest Grove whose main focus is diabetic training service dogs. Along with training animals, she also breeds French bulldogs and Labrador retrievers.

“People are always asking if they can come play with my puppies,” Tarnowski said, as a group of students cuddle puppies on Wednesday. Now, they can… [Click here to finish reading the rest of this news story from OregonLive.com entitled “You can do yoga surrounded by puppies in Oregon” by Lizzy Acker – February 14, 2018]

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