Featured on KGW8 – Feb 9, 2018

A local dog trainer created “PuppYoga” to help socialize her medical alert service dogs in training.

“The laughing, it’s so fun and contagious,” said Kristin Tarnowski, carrying an armload of French bulldog puppies.

Tarnowski hosts PuppYoga at her home studio in Forest Grove. She brought in yoga instructor MaryBeth Stuver to teach the class.

“Everybody needs to laugh, everybody needs to cuddle,” said Stuver. “The puppies make it fun!”

During class, five Frenchie puppies tumble over each other and onto the mats, as up to nine yoga students stretch and pose. Sometimes the dogs lick students’ faces.

“You can’t be around a group of puppies and not laugh and think it’s the best time,” said Tarnowski.

Tarnowski breeds and trains medical alert service dogs. Her latest litter of Frenchies will grow up to be diabetic alert dogs.

“Until they’re about 20 weeks old, we want to get them exposed to as many people and environmental changes and all of that as possible,” said Tarnowski.

While the dogs sniff, lick, and otherwise socialize, Stuver said something magical happens. [Click here to finish reading the rest of this news story from KGW8 entitled “Do yoga while surrounded by puppies in Forest Grove” by Katherine Cook – February 9, 2018]

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