Featured in Gales Creek Journal – Feb 9, 2018

Yoga“What do yoga and puppies have in common? At PuppYoga, everything.

PuppYoga is a new yoga-meets-animal venture where hour-long yoga sessions are punctuated with laughter, puppies, and, in the case of this reporter, having your shoe untied by 5 French Bulldog puppies.

The idea came about last summer – Goat yoga had already become a popular combination, so why not puppies and yoga? That was the thought that dog trainer Kristin Tarnowski had, and she soon found a partner in yoga instructor Mary Beth Stuver. They ran a trial yoga session in September 2017, and five months later, opened up a home studio at the same property on Stringtown Road where Tarnowski raises and trains diabetic alert service dogs and dogs to assist with a variety of other conditions, including PTSD, autism, and hearing and sight conditions.

Tarnowski, who hails from Gaston, trained guide dogs for the blind for more than a decade before starting her own business, Pieces of the Universe. The puppies at PuppYoga eventually are trained as medniical service dogs, and Tarnowski says…” [Click here to finish reading the rest of this news story from Gales Creek Journal entitled “PuppYoga: stretching, laughter, puppies create unique yoga experience” by Chas Hundley – February 9, 2018]

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