Experience the Zen of Puppies

Experience the zen of puppies with PuppYoga, a calm and peaceful interaction with a litter of young puppies. Puppies are either from Pieces of the Universe Dog Training’s program that breeds and raises medical alert service dogs, or rescue puppies brought in from high kill shelters in California. While taking a gentle yoga class, open to all ages and abilities, a litter of puppies will be roaming around you. As a puppy wanders past you, or settles in for a snuggle, you will be able to reflect the open beauty of the puppy’s nature. After all, we are each Pieces of the Universe.

Yoga Session

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From: $35.00

Yoga session led by a certified instructor, with puppies romping around you.


Puppies with their jolly bellies and happy tongues romp as you practice a gentle yoga class, taught by an International Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor.  Experience the Zen of Puppies with this unique Yoga experience.

By booking this Yoga session you will experience the Zen of Puppies, in our private studio.

All clients will be required to remove shoes before entering the room, no exceptions. Disinfected yoga mats will be provided for the safety of the puppies, no outside mats allowed. Besides cell phones and water bottles, no other items will be allowed in the room. Due to the sensitivity of the puppies, no dogs of any sort are allowed in the room, not even service dogs.  If a client arrives with a service dog, safe accommodations, in a crate will be available for the dog, but under all circumstances no dogs are allowed in the room with the puppies.

Refund policy – We do not offer refunds for classes. If you can not make it to a session, you may reschedule at no extra cost as long as you let us know 48 hours or more in advance.

2 reviews for Yoga Session

  1. Angela

    New group of puppies today! 5 week old black lab puppies made yoga so nice!

  2. Lorraine Barclay (verified owner)

    What a wonderful way to spend an hour. Clean studio, engaging instructor, charming assistants and then of course…PUPPIES!!!! 6 week old bundles of curiosity, playfulness, energy and joy. Seriously fun.

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2 thoughts on “Experience the Zen of Puppies”

  1. This was awesome! Wonderful for first time yoga person with the fabulous plus of time with puppies!!!! Nothing better for joy and peace.

  2. I just experienced my first yoga session ever, and I had the pleasure of experiencing it with the sweetest French Bulldog puppies ever! The yoga studio is calming, clean, and the instructor is very easy going. Kristin has really started something unique and fun. You can’t help but smile and laugh as a puppy zooms past you and licks your hand, face, or pinky toe! You’ve got to try this!

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